Our Growth Journey.

Our Growth Journey.

So we have now been live for around 2 months. Lots of great products have already gone up on the site and our other sales channels such as Facebook and TikTok. We are working really hard behind the scenes to make this the freshest brand out there. But we cant do it without our loyal following. Our social Media channels are up and running so if you havent already, go check them out and see whats new in the Motivate LDN world.

We currently have our 3 base collections available: OG Logo, Peace & Love and Capsule collections. But we have so many more ideas on the horizon. We will be launching our kids collection in the next few months so the little ones dont miss out. We have loads of great ideas for keeping the Capsule collection fresh and relevant to the month of release. We are also looking to expand our product range and with winter around the corner we think some winter warmers would come in handy right? So, keep checking in, or better still, subscribe to the mailing list to recieve updates on new ideas and latest releases. And rest assured, we wont spam your inbox every day!

We always want to hear from YOU as well. please let us know how we are doing and what we can do better? We dont always see things from the same perspective and opinions are what make the world so interesting, right? 

Thats all from us for now. And remember to always be who you are, because those who mind dont matter and those that matter dont mind!

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